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The open platform of ATMChain is an ecosystem based on the block chain network. With focus on media advertising, it can provide the access to third-party information, cinema, social networking, entertainment, We Media and other applications through subsystem API, radiating media culture and ecology which integrates more offline industries. ATMChain is defined as a safe, anonymous trading system with free access to advertising, which is a system that combines block chain network and the platform of ATMChain as well as advertising distribution channel.


ATMChain introduces the block chain technology and takes media screen as terminal to establish a trust chain among the advertising publishers, merchants and customers.It brings forth new ideas to build the “block chain+media” strategy, implements digitization of the value of media assets and gradually improves the business services ecosystem to achieve a cross-advertising publisher, cross-merchant “block chain + big data” digital media platform, providing all participants a safe, trustworthy, open and transparent data sharing and cooperation environment. In addition, it also develops a block chain application with open source, user feedback mechanism and transparent fund flow for advertising.
● Users can protect their personal privacy and security and receive paid reward when viewing the advertisement.
● The advertising publisher boost profits and increase High-quality user report and reduce advertisement cheating
● Cheap advertiser, lower cost, more clear fund flow and more accurate advertising to reduce malignant scalping and cheating in advertisement


ATMChain is composed of the block chain network, open platform of ATMChain and ATMChain APP. The entire business ecology also includes advertising platform, media screen and other facilities as well as advertising users, advertising publishers, user site providers, digital currency exchanges and other roles.
Under the background of Global Economics of Attention, ATMChain takes incentive measures to ensure the perfect operation of the entire system.
● The publisher transfers in ATM token as the reward for subsequent site provider and users
● The screen host obtains ATM token as the reward for its maintenance of the media screen
● The user obtains ATM token as the reward for viewing the advertising
All incentive transactions and strategies are recorded in the block chain and are transparent and traceable, and the real-time exchange rate between ATM token and fiat money is available from the exchange.


Product Development Road Map

Foundation Governance

World Technology Crypto Organization (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”) is a non-profit organization . The Foundation is committed to the development and construction of ATMChain and advocacy and promotion of transparent governance to promote sound and harmonious development of the ecological society with open source.

The Foundation will help manage the general issues and privileged matters about open source community projects by developing a good governance structure.

The design goal of the Foundation’s governance structure is mainly to take into account the sustainability of open source community projects, management effectiveness and security of raising funds.

Ecological governance of community is mainly planned by the Foundation. Legal protection is provided by the domestic first-class law firm in cooperation with us, who will provide legal and compliant guidance for parts involving the law in the entire media chain and the ecological construction process.