Core Team

Create the world’s leading decentralized, digitized smart media platform


Doctor of Korea University.South Korea's senior investor in virtual currency (2011 to present).China Yanbian University Information Center to teach (2001 - 2009).Actual controller in Korea KICO company.

Xin Wang

More than 10 years of software architecture and consulting experience, focusing on wireless signal processing, distributed systems and networking technology research. Responsible for the architecture of the block chain based on the Ethernet protocol, including pluggable consensus, privacy protection and intelligent contract security.

Japanese Community Manager

Japan Fintech Foundation CEO, born in 1967,started his career in Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association from 1992, co-founder of JT corporation in 1997(Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, 2nd division). Now work with Soft On Demand company to found Medical On Demand corporation.

Byung Soo Kim
Korean Community Manager

The chairman of Korean CCP Group,CEO of blockchain media “BUCHU”. From 1993 to 2005, worked as IT team leader in Golden Bridge Securities, from 2006 to 2016, worked as Retail team leader in the same company. In 2007, completed Financial Product MBA course. In 2009, completed Financial Engineering course. Both courses are hosted by the KAIST.

Zhi Wang
The principal of the Swiss ATMChain community

ATMChain Swiss community head of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce.Head of Economic and Trade Promotion Bureau, Government of Berne, Switzerland.

Wu jian
The principal of the Nordic ATMChain community

Norwegian Embassy Commercial Department, Norwegian Innovation Agency Senior Business Consultant, Medical and Welfare Industry and Investor Norway Head of China. In the medical health, overseas investment, international business, e-commerce has a wealth of experience.Responsible for the ATMChain community of Nordic countries, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland.

Xiaohui Yang
The principal of the America ATMChain community

Vice President of the US-China Higher Education Association, to assist the Chinese Consulate General in New York, Ministry of Education Science and Technology Innovation Project publicity and promotion. Jiaxing Municipal Government Global Entrepreneurial Innovation Competition "Red Boat Cup" North American Division judges, Eastern Airlines "Yan plan" Global Recruitment New York area coordination, responsible for learning brand promotion and fundraising strategy implementation and learn the market and public relations departments daily management, At the same time responsible for learning the organization and management of news and news and news of the major media contact coordination.

Guangbo Zhang
The principal of the United Kingdom community

Cambridge University PhDs are reading. Master of Science and Technology, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Published a number of journal articles in academia. Has practiced in Huawei Shenzhen Corporation, Hong Kong PCCW and the United Nations Economic Services Office. During the school received a variety of honors. Committed to the communications engineering, business ecosystem and supply chain research.

Tina Mars
The principal of the North America ATMChain community

General Chief Secretary of Huashang Youth Business Leaders Association, Chief Secretary of World Chinese Business Leaders United Association New York. Utilizes global point of view to develop international business focus on Wall Street through a worldwide network of investors, entrepreneurs, and business partners

Paolo Tasca
Director of Blockchain Technology Center at University of London

Director of Blockchain Technology Center at University of London.He has served as Deutsche Bank chief economist.As a blockchain professor,he has published a series papers about blockchain.Now,he is focus on the application of blockchain in the risk management and payments.

ATMChain Senior Technical Consultant

With over 24 years experience in the field of new technologies I have been involved in innovative projects in companies like Recol networks, Santa Clara Tech and Informatica El Corte Ingles, being CEO of Anberman Tecnologías S.L. since 2011. Specialized in managing web, media, content, mobile apps application development and enterprise solutions, communication networks and distributed processing.

ATMChain Senior Technical Consultant

Luis was Director of Operations and Technology, in SantaClaraTech SL. He was Co-founder of Wireless and Satellite Networks. Luis was Managing Director of ALKHAID SOLUTIONS, SA. He was Technical Director of Promacom AB, Sweden, and was previously CIO of TRADEMYL Ltd.

Bachelor in Civil Engineer ,MBA from IMF Business School

Bachelor in Civil Engineer with a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from IMF Business School. His career started in civil engineer sector mainly in underground works and after was focused on the R&D management. As COO, is responsible for R FINTECH, R&D, Project Manager, and Coordination of Oil contracts.

MBA from IE in Madrid and doctoral courses at the Polytechnic University of Madrid

Ignacio was manager at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), advisor to the President of AENA and CEO of “Aena Servicios Aeronauticos SA”. He was CEO of Recol Networks SA, leader in the provision of Internet Solutions to the Official Professional Associations. He was also President of Wireless & Satellite Networks, SA, awarded the Computerworld Award in 2003. MBA from Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid and doctoral courses at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.